about the artist

Ama BE is an interdisciplinary artist who explores dimensions of embodiment through performance, screen-based media, and handmade paper sculpture. Through the lenses of her Ghanaian heritage and American upbringing, she takes interest in the porous distinctions between materiality and sentience; indigeneity and memory as it relates to personal, familial, and forced migrations.  Through her recurrent use of tobacco, sugarcane, palm oil, (bodies of) water, and lace in her practice, she interrogates materials with antithetical ties to hegemonic trade, spirituality, and healing. Her research-informed practice questions the effects of commodification on these bodies as she traces histories of their form to reimagine contemporary function(-s). 


Ama BE's ritual adjacent performances have employed ecstatic touch, Ghanaian cuisine, and flora as mediums to confront visibility, and highlight cultural distortions.  Her latest work thus uses layering, repetition, and simplistic gestures to experiment with themes of presence and embodiment, explore sentience as a medium.